Can I schedule a test drive?

Yes, you are welcome to a take test drive. Please get in touch and the team will book you in.

Does the sat nav work in the UK?

No the sat nav does not work on these Japanese imports. But for a series 2 Elgrand, we suggest replacing it with Apple / Android double din head unit and/or bluetooth/FM transmitter which you can link to your phone. For the series 3 Elgrand, it may be possible to do screen mirroring with your phone.

How much is insurance for these Japanese MPVs?

Our customers have generally found that insurance is available at comparable rates to similar European cars. Please note when applying for an insurance quote, the insurer will need to know that the car is over 10 years old and a Japan import.

Can I get finance to buy from you?

Yes. We are FCA approved and can provide finance for your purchase. Please talk to the team for more information.

How much is vehicle tax for Japanese MPV imports?

A typical 2.5L Elgrand is £285 per year. This may vary by vehicle.

Can you deliver the car to me?

This is possible. Please talk to us about the distance and timings you would like your car to be delivered on and we'll do our best to assist.

Is it essential to remove the rear catalytic converters on an Elgrand?

There is research to show that some early E51 3.5L engines in Japan suffered from overheating issues. These were largely dealt with under manufacturer recall and so de-catting shouldn't be required for this vehicle. The specific model numbers which were recalled are as follows:

The recall only applies to cars made between 2002 10th April to 2006 1st November on the E51.

The issue applies to chassis numbers E51-000037-E51-156623.

On the NE51, 2002 10th April to 2006 2nd November, NE51-000040-NE51-054531.

Most of these recalls have been done.

Do you do under-sealing?

Yes, this can be done for £150 + VAT.

Can you use E-10 fuel in these Japanese imports?

These 2.5L petrol engines manufactured in Japan after January 2000 seem to be ok with E-10. However, this is not definitively confirmed by the manufacturers or government authorities.

Where are you located?

We are on Dunsfold Park in Surrey (the home of the Top Gear Track). Building 86.7. Postcode GU6 8TB. When you reach the gate, security will direct you. We are part of MHH International and located in the same building.

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